Hydrotechnical installation work on Ladoga lake

Published December 24, 2019 17:01

In the autumn of 2019, The MARINERUS fleet management Department, at the request of the construction company, performed transport works on the installation of a under water intake system on Ladoga lake to ensure the supply of fresh water to adjacent settlements.
After organizational and preparatory measures and inspection of the work site, a hydrometeorological buoy was installed in the water area, transmitting regular data on wind and waves in the work region, which allowed for dispatching control in strict accordance with weather conditions.
In the course of performance of works to a place of installation of water intake heads, delivery of the caterpillar crane, small load-lifting equipment, accompanying freights and nonmetallic materials was carried out. For this purpose, the barge-towing structure consisting of the ramp barge and two pusher-tugs was mobilized. Delivery of specialists-installers and diving party was carried out by the crew boat providing shuttle voyages with the coast throughout the period of performance of works.
Positioning at the point of installation was carried Out by MARINERUS pilots with the involvement of a multifunctional platform on the pins, which allowed for a clear and reliable fixation of watercraft to perform accurate and high-quality installation of the installed equipment.
The work was done efficiently and on time. The fleet returned to its bases.





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