Marinerus company provides underwater technical (diving) services

Published December 27, 2019 17:43

The Marinerus company has created and is actively operating a subsea engineering department (OSED). The employees of the diving station underwent training and advanced training in the "Separate training center for special purposes", have extensive experience in underwater operations, including:

1. Survey of the bottom of the water area and underwater excavation.
2. Inspection of structures of underwater parts of hydraulic structures and pipelines.
3. Underwater work with metal structures, including electric arc welding and cutting.
4. Underwater work with wooden structures.
5. Installation and dismantling of underwater technical facilities.
6. Maintenance and monitoring of the implementation of the dredging and installation of berth walls.
7. Survey of the underwater part of the hull using an underwater thickness gauge, photo and video.
8. Exemption of the propeller-steering group of the vessel from foreign objects.
9. Inspection and recovery of sunken ships.
10. Service research work.
11. Photo and video.

A mobile diving station equipped with divers of at least 5th category and necessary diving equipment was organized on the basis of the Mariner OSED. Employees of OSED are ready to quickly leave at your request for diving descents at depths of up to 50 meters. All work is carried out in strict accordance with intersectoral rules on labor protection during diving operations.

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