MARINERUS-current member of the SRO / ODO Association

Published February 10, 2020 16:31

Construction and repair of hydroengineering structures.
On 03.02.2020, MARINERUS joined a self-Regulating organization (SRO) based on the membership of construction companies. Registration number in the state register of self-regulating organizations is 1150.
The official implementation of the design, construction and survey activities is confirmed by the certificate of admission to the works specified in the list of activities of our organization.
LLC "MARINERUS" has the right to perform engineering surveys, to prepare project documentation, construction, reconstruction, major repairs, demolition of capital construction objects under the contract for performing engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, under the construction contract, under the contract for carrying out demolition in respect of capital construction objects. This allows the company "MARINERUS" LLC to fulfill orders for the types of work stipulated by law, to work on the territory of capital, dangerous, technically complex objects, as well as to participate in public procurement, tenders, contests held by state customers.
Ready for cooperation.
Self-regulating organizations provide:
1) issuance of permits to members of the SRO for construction, design and survey activities;
2) effective protection of professional, economic and social interests of legal entities;
3) business insurance;
4) monitoring compliance with legal requirements by SRO members;
5) assistance in passing professional certification, professional development;
6) providing support and assistance in ensuring the reliability and safety of structures and buildings.



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