"MARINERUS" - the participant of "International exhibition and conference on civil shipbuilding, navigation and the development of ocean and shelf "NEVA 2017".

Published September 12, 2017 13:43

14-th international exhibition and conference on civil shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and development of ocean and shelf "NEVA-2017" providing in St. Petersburg on "EXPOFORUM"

Being the largest in Russia and the CIS and one of the World's largest Maritime exhibitions, "NEVA" has become a recognized platform for the development of business cooperation of marine industry.
The exhibition provides a demonstration of national achievements and perspectives in the field of development, production, delivery, maintenance, repair and disposal of marine and river civil engineering purposes, as well as advanced world achievements in this field.
NEVA promotes centers of shipbuilding in the development of advanced technologies in shipbuilding, including of the development of ocean and shelf and, as consequence, increase of competitiveness of Russian shipbuilding.

“MARINERUS” Co. for 10 years, is a regular participant in exhibitions, conducting the following types of activity:
- projects management
- ships of sea and river fleet sale & purchase brokerage service;
- technical condition survey;
- banks and leasing companies advising on the vessels market;
- support of transactions for the sale and lease of vessels, preparation of contracts, assistance in the collection of documents for registration of the transaction;
- consulting activities
- research and development

We invite You from 19 to 22 September 2015 at the company's stand № G 5172 Pavilion "G" zone 5, at Saint-Petersburg, Shushary, St. Petersburg highway, 64, building 1, lit. A

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