"MARINERUS CRANE PROJECT" - visit to "Krasnaya Kuznitsa" ship yard

Published November 11, 2016 12:49

Representatives MARINERUS Crane project visited with inspection "of ship-repair factory "Krasnaya Kuznitsa".
The oldest enterprise of the industry originates from 1693. "Krasnaya Kuznitsa" has three floating docks, the largest of which is capable

of lifting ships dock weight up to 9000 tons. Technological capacity of the company designed to provide shipbuilding, ship repairing

and modernization works on the vessels of military and civil fleet. The experience and qualifications of staff and the necessary

equipment allow you to develop the construction of passenger and cargo fleet of ferries and crossing crafts. The activities of ship yard

is certified by RMRS, RRR and State Technical supervision.
Representatives of the crane project highly appreciated the potential of "Krasnaya Kuznitsa" for the implementation

of projects on construction of floating cranes and offshore lifting equipment.
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