Dispatching and logistics services "MARINERUS" in the waters of the Moscow river

Published December 24, 2019 17:11

As part of the project to modernize the structure of the electric power line mast, MARINERUS successfully completed the logistics task of delivering machinery, equipment and materials to a detached island in the local Bay of the Moscow river.

In a short time in the port of mobilization were carried out reception and storage of materials, loading on the river barge, delivery of equipment and cargo to the unequipped shore of the island in shallow depths. The solution of the task was complicated by the limited terms of the navigation period and the dispatching and logistics plan took into account every fine day, all actions were planned in accordance with the work schedule, and unforeseen situations were taken into account by algorithms for making emergency decisions in conditions of non-standard situations. During the entire period of work on the island, continuous support of the working process was carried out, delivery of specialists and small consignments was carried out, regular hydrometeorological control and dispatching supervision of the project was carried out.

Thanks to the professional and coordinated actions of the customer service, contractors and dispatching service "MARINERUS" the work was completed on time, and demobilization was carried out ahead of schedule.



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