MARINERUS shipping / Survey-Auction–Class initializing–Transfer-Reclassification

Published March 15, 2017 16:47

MARINERUS Company has successfully completed multi-project delivery of the MPP ship for the customer.
Start of the project took place in July of 2015 from inspection of the vessel, and on 4 December 2015 in the Spanish port of Cadiz, were conducted auction for the sale of dry-cargo geared vessel with deadweight of 4,000 tons.
MARINERUS Company, acting as a broker and representing the interests of Russian buyers, carried out the necessary preparatory work, including inspection of vessel and documentation. The process of preparation for participation in the auction was started in May of 2015, and in the process was involved in the Russian maritime lawyers, European advocates, agents and related brokers.
As a result of coordinated and hard work, we have developed a strategy that led to winning the auction MARINERUS client.
Of course, a positive outcome in such a complex process is the only stage in the preparation of the vessel for sailing.
Now the ship entered in intermediate class and follows to the Far East.
There is to be a transfer of the ship under the flag of the Russian Federation, repair with presentation to the Class of Russian Maritime Register (RS) the scope of the next examination. At this stage, the company MARINERUS will fully oversee the process of entering of the vessel into operation.
It is planned that the ship will proceed to the transportation of socially important cargoes to remote regions of the Far East in autumn 2016.


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