Published September 19, 2016 14:05

Within “MARINERUS Crane project”, the company "ISC "MARINERUS" and JSC "Rzhevskiy Crane Plant" signed the contract on cooperation and joint activities with the aim to implement a coordinated marketing policy development and implementation in industry of high technologies. 

Rzhevskiy crane plant is the largest specialized enterprise in the country. The territory of the enterprise occupies 55 hectares. Main production facilities are located in the area of 90 000 sq. m. JSC "RCZ" produces a wide range of competitive construction equipment; above all, tower cranes have gained universal acceptance and popularity in the country and abroad. A huge advantage was the creation of a powerful scientific-industrial giant that allows you to concentrate in a single complex project development, high-tech manufacturing and full-scale testing of manufactured construction equipment. The company cooperates with companies of Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and China.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between MARINERUS and RCZ allows businesses to combine efforts in the design, construction, supply and implementation of crane technology in the infrastructure of sea and river fleet, offshore and Arctic regions.

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