• ID: 200
  • Description: Ready Business - fish processing plant on Kamchatka (Russian Far East)
  • TBN: 505
  • Status: sale
  • Type: Businesses / Projects
  • Appointment: Processing and preserving of fish and seafood
  • Construction date: 2004
  • Construction place: Kamchatka
  • Location: Far East

Ready Business - fish processing plant on Kamchatka (Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy / Russian Far East).
Fishing plant for 150 people. Working business from 2004.
In the ownership of the plant with a fridge to 2500 tons., territory with 127 meters of the mooring line. The pier in the form of bucket + outlet mooring line.
To berth vessels types become STR-503, SRTM-K, MRTK, MTR.
The plant is not working now. 
Business plan, staffing available.
Encumbrances, disputes, mortgages and arrests are absent. One owner for 100%.
Quotas for 15 years available with the fleet.
Cost – by official request.