Under the program of international cooperation and in accordance with the project of creation and development of cluster offshore crane on the territory of the Russian Federation, JSC "Rzhevsky crane plant" (RKZ) was visited by a delegation MARINERUS CRANE PROJECT. The delegation was headed by Director of crane projects Mr. Paulus Gerardus de Jong – specialist with 47 years of experience in the construction of floating cranes.
The visit was carried out within the framework of scientific-practical events for exchange of experience in increasing productivity when creating heavy cranes using high technologies. During the visit to JSC "RKZ", representatives of the inspecting party, demonstrated the power of an enterprise and identifies opportunities for perspective development, was held a series of meetings with the heads of departments of the plant.
The inspectors praised the qualifications of the specialists RKZ and opportunities for cooperation in designing and manufacturing cranes for the needs of the Russian fleet. Of course, there are some moments in which the plant needs to be improved. The territory and the area of the Rzhev factory at enough small reconstruction can be used in the creation of modern cranes.
Experts praised the potential of the design Department of the plant, however, to ensure high quality products, it is necessary to introduce computer-aided 3D design and modeling based on advanced international technologies of the ship crane.
One of the main and final stages of the inspection was to demonstrate the capabilities of the factory test crane test site at which you plan to test modern lifting devices.
According to the results of the visit, it was decided to establish a joint working group on design and construction of marine cranes, hydraulic cranes, offshore cranes, and telescopic marine cranes, marine deck ship and yacht cranes, ship-unloading devices, stackers and all types of gantry cranes.