"MARINERUS CRANE PROJECT" - “Shanghai Guanhai Engineering Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd”

"Scientific-industrial enterprise "MARINERUS" Ltd. and "Shanghai Guanhai Engineering Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd” (“GHE”) have signed a Memorandum of cooperation in the development of international professional relations, in the design, manufacturing in mechanical engineering, crane construction and shipbuilding, and also for the sale and supply of products. 
GHE is a professional company, which brings together design, development, manufacture marine cranes, sale and service. Relying on scientific research institutes and universities, design organizations, GHE provides high quality marine cranes, hydraulic cranes, offshore cranes, and telescopic marine cranes, marine deck ship and yacht cranes, ship unloading devices, stackers and all types of gantry cranes. GHE provides services for the use of computer-aided design and simulation based on updated international technologies of the ship crane buildings. 
Signing up with “SIE “MARINERUS" Memorandum of cooperation and implementation of GHE in “MARINERUS crane project” promotes the active development of the Russian ship crane building and implementation of modern technologies in the enterprises of marine industry.