Repair of the berth in the 3rd cargo area of the port of Saint Petersburg

The repair and construction Department of the MARINERUS company performed repairs of the 30-meter pier section of the berth in the 3rd cargo area of the St. Petersburg port. The berth is used for long- and short-terms mooring of vessels up to 72 m long and up to 2 m draught.
In the course of the work, an engineering survey of the berth and the adjacent water area was performed with a depth measurement on a plot of 1200 m2. The detected underwater obstacles were lifted and the condition of the front side of the berth was monitored by conducting a diving survey of the sheet metal wall.
In the shortest possible time, the rapid delivery of material, repair, mechanical cleaning, degreasing and paint works of sheet metal flooring and railing were performed. Picket markings are applied to the vertical and horizontal surfaces of bollards. The covering of the wooden flooring of the pier part of the pier has been completely replaced. Mooring bollards were examined and strengthened, and a protective layer of concrete was restored in the cordon plane of the mooring bollards.
MARINERUS has been overseeing the repair and construction of hydraulic structures since 2016.